2023 Top Five Content Marketing Trends for a New Year of Success

As 2022 has been a very unstable year in China, full of uncertainties, many companies have preferred to survive in the market by retaining their existing clients rather than expanding their business.

However, with the recent cancellation of pandemic control measures, alongside the re-opening of borders, announced at the end of 2022, companies have regained a renewed feeling of confidence for the year ahead. Domestic and international companies are preparing to compete again for new shares of the market, not only in China but also globally.

Content Marketing

In our previous article, we have already seen content marketing as a rising trend over the past years. In fact, it can be a successful tool for client retention when it focuses on customer value and shows the solutions to the pain points of clients.

Considering the increasing competition that lies ahead, how should enterprises adapt their content strategy in order to successfully target and attract the attention of potential clients? 

Let’s see the top five trends that businesses cannot miss in 2023!

1. Short Videos

Video content is gaining increasing popularity amongst marketers. In particular, short videos between 1-3 min which convey a clear message and have high emotional value are extremely powerful in catching the audience's attention.

In China, although a multitude of video platforms are available, Douyin and WeChannel are definitely the most suitable if companies want their content to go viral. In fact, these platforms have a strong social connotation, due to the fact that users are keener to like and share the content they enjoy. 

2. White Papers

White papers that present cutting-edge research results or forward-looking market insights are an excellent choice for businesses that want to establish their knowledge-based influence in their industry. 

It is highly recommended that the white paper gets the endorsement of a well-renowned expert in the field and is jointly released by an authoritative research institution. In this way, businesses not only can better reach their target group of professionals in the industry but will also increase the prestige and facilitate the dissemination of their publication. 

3. Scenario-based Solutions

Avoid general topics that may look too vague for clients which may result in unhelpful takeaways. Instead, focusing on content that provides practical solutions to real and frequent problems that clients may encounter in their business life or when using your product/services can help to establish a true relationship with your audience, giving clients a break from the salesy tone of traditional advertisements. 

4. Offline Events

While we live in an increasingly digitalized world, let’s not forget that not all marketing happens online. In 2023, offline events will return to be an important activity for the business development of companies.  Companies may invite existing and potential clients for factory visits, roundtables, workshops or training, in order to establish more concrete and direct relationships. 

5. Customer Value

In 2023, if you want to get results out of your content, people will have to feel that it is relatable, not just a detached self-promotion. So, let your clients share how much they are satisfied with your cooperation and how your products/services have brought more value to their business. 

No matter if you invite executives of your most influential clients for a video interview or to share their experience during one of your events, their testimony will be a reliable reference for potential leads and will definitely boost your brand reputation in the market.


Over the past years, content marketing has been a proven tool to support companies that have struggled in getting new clients and have preferred to focus on retaining their existing ones. However, as companies’ confidence in new market opportunities has been restored, businesses will have to put even more attention on the content that they create, if they want to stand out from the competition and accelerate clients acquisition.

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