SOS! How to Increase Followers on WeChat?

In China's digital landscape, the WeChat official account has emerged as an essential platform for companies seeking to promote themselves and engage with customers. However, in recent years, B2B marketers have encountered important challenges in maintaining and increasing their follower base. Understanding the reasons behind this negative trend and implementing effective strategies to solve this problem has become imperative. 

#1. Main Challenges

Increased Competition

As the number of companies establishing official WeChat accounts continues to rise, numerous similar contents are published online. Marketers must differentiate their official accounts by delivering unique and valuable content that sets them apart from competitors and attracts followers' attention.

Lack of Content Strategy

Regular and timely updates are essential to keep followers engaged and informed about company developments and offerings. Marketers must establish a structured content calendar to ensure a steady output of fresh content that resonates with their target audience. Additionally, optimizing the timing of publication to avoid peak hours can maximize post visibility.

Excessive Advertisement

Another significant reason for the decline in follower growth is the excess of advertisements. While monetizing traffic through advertising is a common strategy, bombarding followers with frequent or poorly curated ads can lead to user dissatisfaction. Understanding the demographics and preferences of followers can guide marketers in delivering targeted and relevant advertisements, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and retention.

#2. TOP 5 Follow Strategies 

Within the field of B2B marketing, it's essential for marketers to focus on reaching professional and industry-specific users. Achieving this objective necessitates the implementation of customized strategies for promoting WeChat official accounts. Here are the top strategies adopted by industry experts.

Internal Channels

Include the WeChat QR code on email signatures, presentations, employee business cards, and product packaging to simplify access to the official account. Begin promotion efforts internally by encouraging employees to share content, then expand to company stakeholders.

Online Channels

Add the WeChat QR code or account name on the company's website and other social media platforms to encourage user engagement and account followings.

Group Chats

Participate in industry-specific group chats to establish credibility within professional circles, sharing valuable content that will attract new followers.


Display the WeChat QR code at your exhibition booth to lead industry professionals and interested visitors to follow the account and discover more about the company and its products/services.

Public Relations

Partner with government departments, industry associations, and media to amplify the company's visibility and attract targeted followers through their promotional channels.

#3. Bonus Tip

Offering rewards for subscribing to the WeChat account can be mutually beneficial for businesses and their followers. Providing free downloadable resources, hosting lucky draws, conducting quizzes, distributing limited coupons, and offering discounts are all effective tactics for gaining more followers.


In a competitive digital landscape, strategic promotion and engagement are essential for sustained success and growth. By adopting these targeted strategies, B2B marketers can enhance their WeChat official account's effectiveness as a promotional platform and cultivate their follower community. 

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