Do Not Womanize Women

In the past few days, the internet has been flooded with various marketing strategies for International Women's Day, many of which are innovative and positively emphasize the value of women. Let's systematically explore how to market to women.


Firstly, "women" should not be treated as a mere selling point. Traditional marketing often uses terms like "Queen's Day" or "Goddess Day." However, this approach contradicts the strong independent values of women, as they are targeted as sales objects and their exploitation value is amplified.


Effective women-centric marketing should start from understanding and respecting women, advocating for equality, and other relevant perspectives. For example, UKISS's slogan, "Red makeup is also armor," and PROYA's "Gender is not a boundary; prejudice is."


Brands can encourage users to share personal stories or express admiration for exceptional women, fostering a closer connection between the brand and the audience. An article on “Female Empowerment Girls Help Girls” shares inspiring stories and has been turned into a promotional video.


Collaboration with women-centric brands, organizations, or communities can be a powerful strategy. Jointly launching special events not only expands potential customer groups but also enhances the brand image. GQ's article, "Praising a Female Colleague for Negative Work," creatively promotes a mother and baby brand through a "Bad Mom Declaration."


A successful women-centric creative should genuinely consider women's perspectives, avoiding objectifying them for mere marketing appeal.