Co-branding: MOUTAI Baijiu and Luckin Coffee

Have you ever heard of the "早C晚A" saying? It's not about vitamin C and A retinol in skincare routines; rather, it's a humorous way modern professionals refer to their daily habits of having Coffee (咖啡) in the morning and Alcohol (酒精) in the evening. But now, with the latest collaboration between MOUTAI and Luckin Coffee, you can have your "早C晚A" all in one place.


MOUTAI, the perennial leader in the Chinese Baijiu market, is a frequent guest on dinner tables during festivals. On the other hand, Luckin Coffee is the go-to choice for modern young people when it comes to Chinese coffee culture. So, what happens when these two worlds collide?


Mixing coffee with alcohol – is it a good idea? Opinions are polarized, but everyone seems to agree on one thing: "MOUTAI is not something you can enjoy every day."


In fact, this isn't the first time top-tier brands have partnered with beverage companies. Remember a few months ago when Heytea teamed up with Fendi? Back then, social media was flooded with Fendi-themed milk tea. So, what's the reasoning behind these high-end brands collaborating with fast-moving consumer brands?


Bridging the Gap with the Mass Market


Just as consumers of the Baijiu industry's iconic drink, they'll tell you, regardless of whether this beverage is good or not, MOUTAI is not an everyday indulgence. A bottle of 53-degree MOUTAI typically costs around 1500 RMB, whereas a cup of MOUTAI-flavored latte at Luckin Coffee costs only 19 RMB. It's no wonder netizens jokingly say, "Fill the cup with MOUTAI and top it with coffee." Of course, this is just humor because Luckin's MOUTAI-flavored latte doesn't actually contain MOUTAI liquor but instead features the rich flavor of MOUTAI.


Today, alcohol culture is gaining popularity among the younger generation. While MOUTAI remains a top-selling alcoholic beverage in China, its primary consumers are still middle-aged and older individuals. In contrast, young people tend to prefer cocktails and fruity alcoholic drinks, and MOUTAI has a relatively small share of this market. By collaborating with the coffee brand most preferred by young consumers, MOUTAI is effectively bridging the gap and expanding its brand presence among the younger demographic, establishing a more youthful brand image in the process.


Boosting Sales and Brand Value for Fast-Moving Brands


For Luckin Coffee, this collaboration serves as a means to boost sales quickly and further increase brand recognition. More importantly, it elevates their brand value as the top coffee brand in China through a highly successful marketing campaign, solidifying their market share.