WeChat Channels: How to Create Your Winning Strategy?

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, B2B enterprises are continually seeking innovative ways to enhance their brand awareness in the market and connect with their target audience. As explained in our previous article, video content could be a real superhero for B2B enterprises that market more complex products or services and face a more complicated purchase decision process.

In fact, in recent years, the number of short video viewers in China has experienced a sharp rise. According to a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) last March, for the first time in December 2022, the number of people in China watching short videos surpassed 1 billion, accounting for 94.8% of Chinese internet users.

When it comes to the diversified social media landscape in China, while everybody may be more familiar with Douyin, or its international version TikTok, WeChat Channels are also becoming increasingly popular, and enterprises should not overlook the value of this platform.

1. What is WeChat Channels?

WeChat Channels is a video platform launched by WeChat and embedded within the app itself, giving it access to the massive user base of WeChat. As of mid-2022, WeChat Channels had registered approximately 450 million Daily Active Users, making it the second-largest short video platform after Douyin. 

For brands seeking marketing opportunities in China, this is a social media platform that certainly cannot be ignored.

2. Define Your Strategy

WeChat Channels is gaining traction for its ability to facilitate deeper connections within the B2B space. Therefore, it is of prominent importance that companies define a successful strategy before starting to operate on this platform.

Although the platform is expanding its functions to provide more sales opportunities, WeChat Channels are a very successful tool when it comes to enhancing companies’ brand image in the Chinese market without diverting users' attention across multiple platforms. Therefore, when defining their content strategy for WeChat Channels, brands should focus more on goals such as brand awareness and user education rather than pure sales.

  • Brand Awareness

The main goal is to introduce your brand to a new audience and attract potential leads. Emphasize the challenges that your clients may face in their business and highlight the solutions that your business can provide to their problems. A one-minute commercial telling your brand story and explaining how your products/services can solve the pain points of your clients could be a good way to start on the right foot.

  • Consideration

At this stage, your potential client is doing some research on you and your competitors to make an objective comparison and come up with the most cost-effective decision. Videos are an efficient way to convince viewers about the professionalism and reliability of your company and the products/services you provide. A product video showing how it works or a testimonial video from one of your loyal clients may all serve this cause.

3. Our Tips for You!

In a market overloaded with creative and innovative content like China, it is of prominent importance that companies deliver super high-quality video content customized for their Chinese audience. For this reason, it is crucial to rely on international agencies that can produce content based on a deep understanding of the local market while respecting the international image of the foreign brand.

At Eastant, we can provide a full service about video content, including scriptwriting, shooting, editing, voiceover, and subtitles in multiple languages. If you would like to learn more details, feel free to schedule a meeting with us at info@eastant.it.

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