Offline Marketing is gone? Barbie says no!

In recent years, with the help of technology integration, everything has moved online, including marketing. Pop-ups on social media, soft advertising in TikTok reels, promotional newsletters, and more – these are the mainstream marketing methods of the 21st century. However, what about offline marketing? Despite the promising nature of augmented reality, we will continue to live in this one-and-only real world for at least a few more decades. Therefore, we must not overlook the power of offline marketing.


The Warner Bros. movie 'Barbie', a perfectly executed offline marketing campaign in the summer of 2023, created a sensation not only in the movie industry but also in the world of marketing. According to Insider, the budget for Barbie's marketing is unlikely to exceed industry standards. Let’s take a closer look at the immersive experience Barbie has created for its audience with a budget of $150 million.


Airbnb in Malibu


In collaboration with Airbnb, Barbie has brought the Barbie Dream House to life in Malibu, with Ken portrayed by Ryan Gosling as the host.




The movie has undeniably brought back the trend of hot pink through numerous collaborations with fashion brands, ranging from luxury houses like Chanel to high-street brands like ZARA.


Even the Tube has been influenced by the Barbie wave. Barbican station in the City of London has changed its name.


Barbie Lifestyle


The gym app Keep has also launched a Barbie campaign exclusively for girls, challenging them to complete a 3.9 km running activity, promoting feminine strength. [pic]


The way Barbie has utilized offline marketing to penetrate every facet of our lives has translated into tremendous success at the box office, surpassing the $1 billion mark. Isn't this proof of how crucial offline marketing is? Offline marketing establishes a connection between businesses and customers; just look how many people are donning pink solely for Barbie! Moreover, it's cost-effective – after all, didn't Barbie's marketing budget fall within industry standards? While the core value behind the story and the contributions of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are undeniably key factors in the box office success, we cannot disregard the influence of their offline marketing efforts.

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