Invisible Marketing: What Are the Unseen Drivers?

One may ask, how could marketing strategies become invisible? The whole point of marketing is to make our customers see our products/services. That is correct. From the commercials on TV, the billboards hanging outside buildings, or the push notifications on your phone, they are all made to be seen. But the secret to standing out among the tremendous amount of marketing information is to understand the aspects which are not seen, or, in other words, are not noticed.

What is invisible marketing?

Invisible marketing can be broken down into three parts: trigger, approach, and frame. 

‘Trigger’ is the one thing that reminds you of the brand or the product. For example, Nike’s “Just do it” slogan or Selfridges’ bright yellow packaging. They are either iconic or eye-catching, reminding customers of the brand or the product without even showing the brand logo. The trigger does not have to be visual. Audio marketing and scent marketing could also make a difference, helping brands extend campaign messages beyond our screens! Consider stepping into a streetwear store with hip-hop music going on in the background or entering a facial care booth with a comforting and soothing perfumed aroma. This is how audio and scent work in invisible marketing, using sound and smell to mimic the vibe and atmosphere customers seek for during the shopping experience.

‘Approach’ in this case simply means channels that connect brands and customers. Be there for your customers! Don’t let your customers simply enter the decision stage alone because they might end up deciding to do NOTHING! Nowadays, with the high-speed integration of technology, customer service is everywhere without ever being seen, from the omni-channel approach to live chat on phones. The key is to keep your customers close and to create a simplified way to for them to shop. 

‘Frame’ indicates the frame of message. The context surrounds the actual message would affect how customers receive it. Instead of being abstract, be specific. Consumers are more likely to react to information that they can relate to. Do not focus on exaggerating how good your product or service is, focus on how your products or service could change customers’ life. This could shape a vivid image in their heads and drive them to pursue the promised value.


Invisible marketing encourages you to devise and carry out unconventional initiatives that attract attention and create a buzz because of their subdued character. It is also a cost-effective method that relies on word of mouth rather than expensive paid advertisements. Finally, in comparison to aggressive marketing, your brand message is less likely to be rejected by your audience.

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