Help! What Should We Write For Our WeChat Account?

All too often, B2B content is regarded as boring and massively uninteresting, due to the high sectorial and technical knowledge on which the products or services offered rely on.

In fact, most of the B2B content revolves around products. Add to that an overly “self-celebrative” tone and rest assured that your WeChat account won’t bring you any results. 

This happens because most B2B enterprises tend to use WeChat as a way to enhance their brand awareness in the China marketplace mainly through a sales-oriented approach to content marketing. 

Instead, the WeChat account can represent a huge opportunity for companies to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Are you short of ideas for your WeChat articles? Don’t despair. Let’s see three content ideas that will definitely set you up for success!  

1. Product differences and applications

The most common type of content for B2B enterprises is most certainly based on product descriptions. However, the information shared does not necessarily have to be boring! Make it clear what pain points your products/services can solve for your clients by giving examples of different applications or comparing different products. Remember: the ultimate goal is not describing your products, but helping clients better understand them and for them to make their own decisions.

2. Expert interviews

It is commonly believed that the marketing manager/department is the only one responsible for content creation. Absolutely wrong! Often times these are not the people with the most expertise with regard to the industry the company operates in. To show professionalism, you may decide to interview the experts inside your company on the most frequently asked questions from clients. Then, collect questions and answers in an FAQ-style article that your colleagues may easily share to anticipate similar questions.

3. Successful stories 

Tell the story of the successful cooperation with a client that identifies with your target audience. Explain the problem you helped them solve, show before-and-after comparisons through pictures, share their experience and satisfaction with your product or service. 

Most likely this is not only the problem of a single client but rather an issue common to all companies in an industry.

Final Tip!

Content doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of text. Video, infographics and audio content are all winning ideas that you may integrate into your WeChat article to diversify your offering. Read our previous article to get more content ideas!


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