Going Global: Overseas Marketing Strategies for Chinese Firms


As the Covid-19 pandemic becomes an outdated topic, the global market powered by hot trends and new technologies moves ever forward. In 2022, 145 Chinese companies were included in the Fortune Global 500 list, which fully demonstrates the importance of Chinese companies in the world after many years of development. In this case, the layout of overseas markets has become the only choice for Chinese enterprises to seek new growth points. The development of new markets is often inseparable from the support of marketing strategies.


So, How Can Chinese Brands Effectively Develop Overseas Markets?


Seek Partnerships with Western Brands

Whether through a joint venture, or a merger or acquisition, the right partnership can give a boost to a brand’s tangible offering or intangible appeal. A significant part of telecom giant Huawei’s leap from local player to global leader, for example, was due to its partnerships with Motorola in 2000, 3Com in 2003, and Symantec in 2008.


Omni-Channel Marketing

Omnichannel layout is the focus of China's overseas brand marketing. According to Shopify, each additional channel increases product sales by 38%; When the number of sales channels increases to 3, the sales figure increases to 190%. In the future, on the basis of a deep insight into the consumption behavior of overseas consumers, Chinese overseas brands will likely make the inevitable choice to provide overseas consumers with a better shopping experience. In particular, they will continue to enrich online marketing channels and build an omni-channel marketing system both offline & online.


Let Graphic Design Power Up Your Social Media Matrix

Why have graphic design skills become so important to social media marketers? This is because platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat are all social media platforms that focus on visual content (pictures and videos). In the rapid browsing of social media, visual content is more likely to attract users' attention - having good graphic design skills, or graphic aesthetic and creative skills, will make your brand content stand out in the news flow.


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