It is quite evident how video content has become one of the main marketing trends in the past few years. Just think of how many new video platforms have rapidly become very popular worldwide (like Douyin and its international brother TikTok, which you’re sure to know of already).

However, while video content may be just one of the many marketing tools adopted by brands of consumer goods or entertainment, it could be a real lifesaver for B2B enterprises that have to market more complex products or services and face a more complicated marketplace.

1. The Challenges on the Road to Success

The B2B market is quite complex, with many people involved in the purchase decision process. 

While an engineer may be concerned with quality and safety issues, the finance department may worry about the economic risk of the transaction, while the CEO may be more considerate about the added value that the cooperation brings to its business. 

B2B marketers will have to convince each and every one of them.

2. The Superpowers of Video Marketing 

In order to overcome these challenges, video has numerous benefits that can empower B2B enterprises, but let’s have a look at the most powerful traits. 

Build trust. 93% of B2B buyers say that video is more convincing in communicating the company’s ability to deliver on its promises. 

Drive leads. Search engines and social media platforms prioritize content that attract more viewers. According to statistics, 72% of B2B buyers prefer video over text and images, thus search engines and social media will promote videos more.

Increase conversions. 93% of businesses have reported getting a new client thanks to a video on social media, as an obvious consequence of increased exposure, leads, and sales.

3. Action!  

Wondering about what your superhero may look like in action? Here are a few ideas.

Corporate video. Tell the story of your brand, what problems can you solve, and the achievements realized so far. This will be your “business card” handed over to those who are gathering information about you. Be inspirational and real, you certainly don’t want to lose the game at the outset. 

Product demo. Those who are most concerned with practical matters, such as quality and safety, will love to have an in-depth look at your product. These videos may also serve as post-sales training. Quality and professionalism are the keywords here!

Testimonial. If you want to convince executives to trust you, ask executives from your clients to leave a video review with specific outcomes that you have helped them to achieve (and that other businesses may want to achieve as well). Keep videos short, executives are busy people!

In conclusion, video is a powerful marketing tool for B2B enterprises as it efficiently enables buyers to visually connect a product or service to their needs. Also, considering that video is the preferred content of B2B buyers, there is no doubt that adding videos to your website and social media pages can have a positive impact on your sales. 

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