Music: The Universal Language that Speaks for Marketing Campaigns

Is there a song that has been in your playlist for over a decade, and triggers the memory of the first time you heard it every time it’s on shuffle? Have you ever asked Siri about the title of a song played in the background during a meal because it goes so well with the restaurant setting and the dishes?


We often say that music is the universal language, for its capabilities to evoke and communicate emotions without the assistance of linguistic expressions. Different beats and melodies depict different stories, and in the world of marketing, music is put into greater use to purposely remind consumers of the products or services brands wish to sell.


Music Defines your Brands

As much as music evokes consumers’ emotions, it also sets the tone of your brand. When Chevrolet wanted to portray the toughness and ruggedness of its cars, the brand partnered with Detroit songwriter Bob Serger to create the track “Like a Rock”, which created the impression that not only are their trucks tough and rugged, but so are the people who drive them, and this concept has been associated with the brand for years.


Music Improves Stories

Big brands are known by their high-end services and exquisite products, yet in reality, it is the experience they create that actually builds loyal consumer bases and brand advocates. We cannot emphasize enough the significance of storytelling as it is the fundamental element between the audience and brands. Music in the stories, whether the audience pays attention or not, offers cues to them that particular moments in the story depicted is relatable.


Music Sparks Actions

Take a listen to national anthems, many of them fiercely inspire people to take a stand for a nation. Music’s power to evoke emotions turns it into the catalyst for change and action. From encouraging you to imagine being the characters in their commercials, to eventually motivating you to spend some dimes on their products and/or services, music closes the gap between observing and purchasing, and thus achieves the ultimate goal of any marketing strategies – driving sales.


Music is all around us, it goes well with marketing strategies like bread and butter for it being the single most powerful way to communicate globally. Marketers have used it to great effect over the years, and there’s no doubt that it will continue to play a massive role in the marketing world.


So, name that tune, and let it speak for your marketing campaign and your brand. For more information on how to incorporate music into your marketing strategy, feel free to get in contact with us: