Oui! “Emily in Paris” Can Teach Us Valuable Marketing Tips

In December 2022, Emily in Paris returned with its third season on Netflix. Emily in Paris follows Emily, a determined American marketer from Chicago who moves to Paris for a sudden open vacancy. She carries an American perspective to an admired French marketing firm. Not only do we enjoy the intangible drama and fashion style of Emily, but we are also witness to her creative ideas and work in Paris. You might think her Marketing Director job in the show is far from reality, but there are some important marketing tips that we can learn from her. 

1: Social Media Presence Is Vital

Not just your presence but also how you communicate with your fans is essential on social media. When your customers comment on your social media posts, you should take the initiative to engage with them. Like Emily said, “To build a brand, you must create meaningful social media engagements.” It is one of the most crucial marketing lessons from Emily in Paris.

2: Customer Opinions Matter

You must have witnessed in the show that whenever there was confusion in Emily’s mind, she posted it on Instagram and used polls to understand if their customers liked the idea. Remember when she asked for a poll for the “Sexy or Sexist” perfume brand? She believes that the opinion of the customer counts. 

3: Be Bold! Think Outside the Box

Emily is creative in her thinking as evidenced when she got the idea for an entire campaign from an art museum featuring Van Gogh’s, The Starry Night. She was never apprehensive to come out and pitch her thoughts, even when she didn’t have any solid ideas, her creative mind always found something unique. Remember how she changed Pierre’s perspective?

4. Influencer Marketing is a Powerful Tool

Influencer marketing is one of the most relevant online marketing lessons in today’s world. Being an influencer on Instagram has opened many doors to Emily and she is quite skillful in promoting her clients through the social media platform.

It is pivotal to collaborate with influencers whose audience matches your brand’s target group. It helps your brand reach a pre-made set of audiences which could help you increase engagement and followers on your brand’s social media profile.

Without a doubt, Emily in Paris is a fun show to watch but besides the aforementioned specific points, the show also portrays building connections, maintaining contact with everyone, and comprehending work culture as important work life assets. Who knew that Netflix can also offer professional insights?!

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