How Webinars Can Boost Your Brand Awareness (And Attract Leads)

Client: Hi, Eastant! I saw that you are promoting the next DP Webinar…

Eastant: Hi, Client! Indeed, we’re back with our webinar series and hope to see you online!

Client: Sure, already signed up! I would like to understand if also our company can organize a few from time to time.

Eastant: Of course. Webinars are a proven tool to enhance your brand awareness and stand out from the competition. 

Client: Could you tell me more? How can webinars practically help us to get more leads? 

Why Webinars

1. Build trust & credibility: When the audience feels that they have learnt useful insights about a certain topic they will trust the professionalism of your company and will want to stay updated also on other news and activities related to your company.

2. Higher conversion rate of leads: People that register for webinars are genuinely interested in your offering and are most likely to engage with the speakers throughout the webinar with comments and questions. In the best scenario, these leads will also actively get in contact with you after the event to enquiry more about your offering. 

3. Cost-effective: Webinars allow enterprises to reach a wide and global audience at the same time. Nowadays there is a myriad of video meeting platforms (such as Zoom or Tencent Meeting) that provide affordable and customizable pricing plans for businesses depending on their needs. Besides that, most companies already have a meeting room with conference equipment. Even if the webinar should happen during a lockdown, a laptop and a good headset will be enough to deliver a smooth experience to your audience.

Client: Clearer now, but how can we create appealing content for our target audience that makes them register for the webinar? 

Eastant: Content and promotion are the key factors for the success of your webinar.


1. Topic: You would better avoid a generic “one-size-fits-all” topic that doesn't actually fit anyone. Pick a narrow topic to target a specific audience. In this way, participants will be more likely to recognize the value of your content and stay connected throughout the whole webinar.

2. Educational: When people register for webinars they are willing to dedicate one hour or more of their time because they expect they can learn valuable insights from you. So, focus more on your company culture and answer practical questions or help solve frequent problems of your audience.  

3. Format: Try different formats that allow you to reach specific goals and target audiences. You may organize training in the form of a webinar or a Q&A webinar to answer frequent questions from your current clients without your customer service team having to talk to each of them individually. Another idea may be to organize interview webinars with your company’s executives in order to bring your audience nearer to your company culture or share more about the strategic development of your company with an audience of peer executives.

Client: Great tips! And what about promotion?

Eastant: To put it simply, although webinars allow reaching a wide audience, that audience isn’t going to magically appear in your registration list. A well-thought promotion plan shall make the best use of different social media platforms for inviting the audience to register both through organic and sponsored content. In addition, email marketing and your private traffic on WeChat may also significantly help to attract specific target audiences.

Client: All right, you talked me into it. Let’s have a meeting to discuss further, shall we?

Eastant: Sure, let me know your availability! 

Branded webinars are proven to be one of the most efficient marketing tools to enhance your brand awareness and generate credible leads.

At Eastant we can assist you to create and execute branded webinars in order to support your growth in the market and distinguish your company from the competition. If you would like to know more, please schedule a call with us at: 

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