On the Rise of Unisex and Genderless Trends in China

The latest trend – “Unisex” has allured a lot of young people, with almost 30k posts on the social platform Xiaohongshu with the topic “Genderless Outfits”,  and with the topic has also emerging as quite viral on Weibo.

Today, unisex points to a certain shared and equal attitude towards life, which is most clearly reflected in clothing. Simply put, it means that men and women can wear the same clothes. There is no obvious gender distinction in color, style, or material, with no gender, men can wear necklaces and skirts, and girls can wear overalls. As there is no fixed gender distinction, it is all based on preferences.


With the increase of public focus on feminism and gender equality, the gender concepts represented by "Generation Z" have also begun to break away from the traditional context of binary models, which has gradually emerged in the field of consumption. At the beginning of 2021, Xiaohongshu released "Keywords of Lifestyle Trends in 2021", and "Genderless Dressing" was selected. According to the report "9 Trends of Generation Z Fashion Trend Consumption" released by JD.com (Chinese e-commerce platform), since 2021, the transaction volume of online shopping for men's and women's clothing for generation Z has increased by 4.3 times year-on-year, and the transaction volume of oversized fitted clothing has increased by 1.5 times year-on-year.

The concept of unisex has gradually become the mainstream culture of young people, and it has also been favored by capital. According to incomplete statistics, since 2021, six "genderless clothing" brands led by BOSIE and BEASTER have successively received billions of dollars in investment.


The popularity of the genderless concept is inseparable from Generation Z. The pursuit of equality, self-care, and the practice of freedom have gradually made this style the mainstream of fashion. From the perspective of brand marketing, the higher the brand's acceptance of gender representation, the higher the public's acceptance of the brand. Styles in fashion and beauty are also rapidly evolving, and gender neutrality is no longer a “politically correct” slogan, but an actual concept that falls at the product level and meets consumer needs.

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