Retail Marketing Redeemed: Time to Redefine the Visual Merchandising


As cities gradually recover and stores once again open up, many people are returning to in-store shopping for in-person customer service and the pleasure of experiencing items before a purchase. So, how to achieve business growth in an era where the pandemic is normalized? Store windows are an easy way to attract the attention of shoppers and increase the foot traffic of passers-by.



However, window displays are no longer just an advertising tool to increase customer traffic. With the introduction of technology, window displays have become even richer and luxury brands are redefining their window display strategies.




We are used to seeing a lot of static window displays with no digital interaction between the brand and the consumer. Now, more luxury brands are implementing engaging store window displays in order to reduce physical contact and promote interaction between the brand and the customer.


Displays in 2022 feature QR codes, VR effects, touch screens, AR effects and other interactive elements. While some of these features have been implemented before the pandemic, they are now essential and deemed the future of visual merchandising. Intricate futuristic store window displays deliver a unique and personalized customer journey and are the best way to combine physical shopping with online shopping.



Before COVID-19, interactive window displays were not so popular, as traditional store window arrangements were enough to attract customers but in the new post-pandemic era, window displays are upgrading. Positive engagement between consumers and products is paramount for luxury brands to deliver an immersive shopping experience.



With the gradual restoration of regular business and life, many retailers are clearly ready in a variety of dimensions to bring the enthusiasm for recovery to China's retail industry this summer, and to bring more futuristic and flexible insights to the global retail market.



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