Italian Design Icons - Chongqing Edition 2021


Italian Design Icons


2021 | IDI | 重庆ChongQing

IDI - Italian Design Icons is a splendid collection of internationally acclaimed Italian brands, which have undoubtedly impacted the design of countless products throughout the world as well as the lifestyles of millions of people. Italian Design Icons wants to celebrate the excellence of Italian design, embrace the sustainability of new projects and share knowledge across various industries.

意大利品牌设计展汇集了众多享誉国际的意大利品牌,这些品牌无疑影响了全球无数产品的设计,也影响了数百万人的生活方式。IDI -意大利品牌设计展希望通过这种方式赞美意大利设计的卓越,拥抱新项目的可持续性,并在不同行业分享知识。

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Lectures with designers, architects, creative directors, CEOs and University Professors from all over the world, along with a high-level event with top representatives from both government level and the industrial sector, will make this three-day exhibition an incomparable occasion to share Italian excellence and uniqueness.


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Style & Sustainability

The purpose of the exhibition is to promote, particularly among the Chinese public, Italian industrial design along with mechanical and lifestyle brands. Throughout the 3 days of the exhibition from June 4th to June 6th, our guests will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive lectures given by our iconic brands’ representatives and partners, who will share their ideas and vision about innovation for a more sustainable society and new methods of industrial design.


Italian Design Icons originated from an idea of DP Group and is organized by Eastant Communication & Events.



This year’s edition, the third in South-West China, will see the participation of top-tier brands of the likes of Ansaldo Breda, Casappa, Comau, iGuzzini, Gruppo Cimbali, Maserati, Pirelli, Saic Fiat Powertrain Hongyan (SFH), and UFI Filters.

今年的展会是重庆站的第三届, 包括安萨尔多安萨尔多·布雷达(Ansaldo Breda)、凯斯帕液压(Casappa)、柯马(Comau)、依古姿妮灯具(iGuzzini)、Cimbali集团(Gruppo Cimbali)、玛莎拉蒂(Maserati)、倍耐力(Pirelli)、上菲红(SFH), 和欧菲滤清器(UFI Filters)顶级品牌的参与。


We are honored with the precious support received from our institutional partners including the Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing and Italian Trade Agency.



Among our institutional and media partners, we are proud to cooperate with Class Editori,  Galileo Galilei Italian Institute, LUISS University, and Milano Finanza. In addition, we are honored to have the support of partners such as D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel, PHC Advisory, YZ Design, Fil Man Made Group, and New Crazy Colors, New Sky Asia and our F&B partners Aperol, Campari, SinoDrink, and Viola.

在我们的媒体合作伙伴中,我们自豪地与Class Editori、国际社会科学自由大学(LUISS University)、伽利略意大利中心(Galileo Galilei Italian Institute)、Milano Finanza合作。此外,我们还有幸得到了德恩瑞法律咨询(D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel)、普咨锐家商务咨询(PHC Advisory)、富尔美技术纺织(Fil Man Made Group)、新疯狂色彩(New Crazy Colors)、New Sky Asia以及研哲建筑装饰(YZ Design),还有我们的餐饮合作伙伴阿佩罗(Aperol)金巴利(Campari)、华饮(SinoDrink)、维奥拉啤酒(Viola)等合作伙伴的支持。


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