5 Chinese secrets that will change your health

Maybe you are one of the many who has promised himself/herself “I will become a better version of me in 2019”. Perhaps it was one of your many new year resolutions, at the top of the list and you were seriously committed to achieve all of your goals this time, but now its almost the end of January and you have already gotten back to your old bad habits.

You haven’t lost those extra pounds you were aiming to, you’ve stopped running everyday after the 3rd day in a row and yes, we know you are still eating chocolate as if your inner self did not know about your 2019 list.

Does this all sound familiar to you?

Well, we are here to tell you that  THERE IS STILL TIME for a change.

Many people wonder why Asian people manage to stay in shape. In fact, the rate of obesity is lower than 5% of the population, which represents one of the lowest in the world.

With the purpose of helping you to get back on track, we will provide you with a short list of 5 Chinese habits that require almost zero effort and can improve your health and quality of life in a sustainable manner. 

Just start with the basics (eating salads and running marathons are not on the list, don’t worry):


1.    From cold to hot water

Everyone knows that drinking water is essential for our body and must be included in every healthy diet.

Did you know that…?

•The human body is made up of approximately 60% water

oHuman blood consists of 90% water

However, many people are not aware of the fact that drinking hot water instead of cold water can make a real difference. Chinese people not only drink water regularly during their day, but they drink it hot. This is something that usually leaves foreigners astonished when they first come to China. No matter the season and the outside temperature, hot water is always the way to go. This habit goes beyond the purpose of staying hydrated, it Is also prompted by the willingness of the Chinese people to enjoy the several benefits which hot water brings to the human body.


-          It improves blood circulation

-          It slows down the cells aging process

-          It enhances skin elasticity.

-          It helps digestive processes and enzymatic activity

The benefits are even greater on an empty stomach to break the fast in the morning.


2.    Cooking methods: From Fried to Steamed

Chinese cuisine is not the same as what is commonly served at Chinese Western restaurants. They surely like fried food but many healthy cooking methods and dishes are not very well known outside of China.

One of the healthy habits of the Chinese that foreigners should consider swapping to is the Steam cooking technique.

This method allows

-          To keep the natural flavor of the food

-          To maintain the natural properties and nutrients intact.

-          To avoid using extra oil and condiments, which results in less extra calories for your body

In addition, spicy food helps in boosting your metabolic rate.

In other words: Get it steamed and spicy!

3.    From Medicines to Natural remedies

While foreigners tend to rely heavily on industrial medicines and pills whenever small aches occur, the Chinese prefer to adopt natural remedies and take care of their body as part of their daily routine. In fact, they treat ailments gently by supporting the idea of “prevention is better than the cure”. They believe in the power of natural and herbal medicines to improve their general health and reinforce their immune system.


-          Green tea: If drank daily, can help in increasing your metabolism as well as reducing the production of free radicals.

-          Acupuncture: this practice is believed to improve your skin quality and to be able to balance your vital energy. Others confirm it also has an effect on the neurological activity of those who engage in this ancient practice.


4.    Oversleeping on the weekends? Wake up early and go to the park!

Even before sunrise, it is common to find Chinese youngsters and the elderly in public parks.  They dance, stretch, practice martial arts or simply enjoy the early hours of the morning by relaxing in the static position of qigong.

This could be a good way to start your day and reduce stress levels which characterize our modern society.

Did you know that 80 percent of ER visits are caused by stress?


5.    From Plastic Bottle to Thermos

When walking through Chinese streets, you will barely see any Chinese people holding plastic bottles in their hands.  Alternatively, they use their metal thermos for storage and bring their beverage along with them, which may include hot water, tea leaves or flowers, among others.

This choice presents some perks:

-          It reduces the plastic waste. Good for the environment!

-          Less risks for your health as you are cutting down on the leaching of chemicals into the water deriving from plastic materials.

Did you know that the synthetic component called Bisphenol A which is contained in plastic materials could be contributing to serious illnesses such as diabetes, altered blood pressure and even cancer?

-          They come in different colors and styles, so you can be more fashionable too!

In conclusion, as we have quickly gone through the 5 healthy swaps that you could take inspiration from by referring to the Chinese set of good life habits. Creating a solid base for our future health is extremely relevant and should never be postponed. Starting from healthy eating to keeping your body active and treating it with natural remedies could be a life saver, long-term effects of which will pay off for all of your efforts.

Are you ready to pick up these habits and change your life for the better?