IDI Shanghai 2021: Discover the Power of Italian Design


We Are Coming

Italian Design Icons is coming back for its 6th Edition and is set to take place from November 26th-28th, 2021, in the heart of Shanghai, at the popular ZiWU Modern Art Base. This exclusive 3-day exhibition will showcase a splendid collection of internationally acclaimed Italian brands, putting the spotlight on their innovative projects and products.

意大利品牌设计展(IDI)即将重磅回归!第六届展览将于2021年11月26-28日在上海人气聚集地誌屋Modern Art Base开展。为期3天的独家展览将聚焦于一系列国际知名的意大利品牌,重点展示他们的创新项目和产品。

More specifically, following the topic promoted by Italian Design Day, launched by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, this year’s IDI Shanghai will focus on “Design & Materials: the Power of Creativity and Performance”, creating a precious opportunity for IDI’s Most Iconic Brands to explore the excellence and talent of Italian companies to deliver products of the highest quality and most impactful design.

具体来说,为与意大利外交与国际合作部发起的“意大利设计日”主题相呼应,在文化部的支持下,今年的IDI上海站将着眼于“设计与材料:感受创意和性能的力量”,为IDI 的品牌创造了一个探索意大利企业卓越和才华的宝贵机会,以提供最高质量和最具影响力的设计产品。

IDI 2021 ——

IDI – Italian Design Icons originated from an idea of DP Group and is organized by Eastant Communication & Events, following the desire to create a platform to further celebrate the excellence of Italian design in China.


We are glad to announce for this upcoming 6th Edition of IDI Shanghai our Icons will be Italian companies spanning across some of the most representative industries of Made in Italy: Ansaldo Breda, Casappa, Comau, Ducati, FAAM, Fincantieri, Gruppo Cimbali, iGuzzini, Itema, Maserati, Pirelli, Radici Group, and UFI Filters Sofima. Alongside them, we will have the unique opportunity to explore design from a 360⁰ perspective: from the latest sport cars to the fastest racing motorcycles, passing by a Formula 1 simulator, wearable robotic machinery, previews of yet to be released cruise ship models, along with fabrics and materials from some of the best performing brands in the world.

第六届IDI,我们很高兴能邀请到源自意大利制造的一些最具代表性的品牌:安萨尔多安萨尔多·布雷达(Ansaldo Breda)、凯斯帕液压(Casappa)、柯马(Comau)、杜卡迪(Ducati)、法阿姆(FAAM)、芬坎蒂尼集团(Fincantieri)、金佰利集团(Gruppo Cimbali)、依古姿妮灯具(iGuzzini)、意达(Itema)、玛莎拉蒂(Maserati)、倍耐力(Pirelli)、兰蒂奇集团(Radici Group)、和欧菲滤清器(UFI Filters)。与这些品牌一道,我们将为观众带来独特的360⁰度全方位探索设计的机会:从最新款的跑车到最快的竞技摩托,通过一级方程式模拟器、可穿戴机器人、尚未发布的游轮模型预览、以及来自世界上顶尖品牌的面料和材料。

We are also honored to be receiving the kind support of the Italian Consulate in Shanghai and the Italian Trade Agency, as well as platinum sponsorship from Haiyan Economic Development Zone and Hailan Pegasus Watertown, and gold sponsorship from Fil Man Made GroupNatuzziNew Sky AsiaSavino Del Bene, and Vudafieri Saverino Partners. In addition, we are grateful for the participation of esteemed local and international university representativesmedia and F&B partners who will also join the activities organized throughout the 3-day exhibition.

此外,我们还很荣幸得到了意大利驻上海总领事馆意大利对外贸易委员会的大力支持,以及我们的铂金赞助商浙江海盐经济开发区海澜飞马水城,和黄金赞助商富尔美集团(Fil Man Made Group)纳图兹集团(Natuzzi)New Sky Asia胜威诺国际货运公司(Savino Del Bene)沃普设计咨询(Vudafieri Saverino Partners)的倾情赞助。除了他们之外,我们也十分感谢国内和国际大学代表媒体餐饮合作伙伴的参与,他们将全程关注为期 3 天的展览活动。


Italian Design Icons – Shanghai Edition 2021 will be open to the public and will be an inspiring occasion to celebrate design, creativity and performance, while also sharing knowledge across industries: from automotive to furniture, education, robotics, design and F&B.


Are you ready to immerse yourself in un unforgettable design experience with internationally renowned representatives of industrial and manufacturing design? If yes, don't miss out on the upcoming IDI! Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on Italian Design Icons!


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