What's Different about This Year's Double 11 Shopping Festival?



What's Different about This Year's Double 11 Shopping Festival?


The arrival of late autumn marks the beginning of China's Double 11 (also called Singles' Day) shopping festival for brands and online platforms. The shopping fest has arrived at its 13th edition this year, and to celebrate an even bigger event, e-commerce platforms have started preparation work as early as July, in order to finally launch on October 20th. The hype from consumers resulted in a record number of over 200 million viewers on Taobao's two major livestreaming channels, with over 290 thousand brands participating.


In order to provide consumers with a better shopping experience, e-commerce platforms have implemented several adjustments in terms of marketing and APP functions. With all that being said, let's see what's different about this year's double 11 shopping festival:



Good bargains, but also a good night's sleep: This year platforms have decided to preemptively set the pre-sale time back from 12am to 8pm, so that consumers can order their favorite products with great deals without losing any sleep.


Share your shopping "homework": Taobao also adapts to trends and has launched a sharing function for users' shopping cart. With just one click, consumers can easily forward their shopping carts to their friends so they can conveniently copy their shopping "homework".


Shopping Cart Sharing



Green Double 11: Alibaba announced its commitment to create a low-carbon shopping festival. For the first time, Tmall is offering special deals to those who purchase green products. Furthermore, over 60 thousand courier stations nationwide are now offering carton recycling services.  Lu Su, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Group, has said that the carbon emissions of each order will be further reduced by 17.6 percent this year through upgraded technologies.


Senior-friendly interface: E-commerce is not only for younger generations anymore, with more and more seniors getting used to online shopping. Thus, this year Taobao has innovated its user interface to make online shopping more convenient for the elderly as well, with the option to choose to switch to a customized mode for senior, which incorporates larger fonts, higher-resolution pictures and all-round easier usage. Exclusive deals will also be offered to products that fit this demographic, such as equipment for fishing and traditional "square dancing".


Senior Mode


Why is Alibaba innovating so much? Because customers in China are significantly demanding and expecting a premium service from their first click. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance for both brands and shopping platforms to provide a humanized shopping experience that satisfies their customers (of all ages), as well as allowing them to retain a remarkable market share amidst growing competition.


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