WeChat Marketing 101: Essential Features


WeChat Marketing 101: Essential Features


If you could only keep one App on your phone, what would it be? Gmail?


Netflix? If you are living in China, the answer is easy: WeChat. As 2021 marks the tenth birthday of the App, we can all attest that a decade of development has transformed the mega App to become so much more than just an instant messaging platform. 



WeChat not only incorporates practical features such as instant payment and city public services to suit daily needs, but also company official accounts, Mini Programs, a customized short-video platform and many other features that allow us to establish personal and professional connections in a much deeper way than with any other App. 


Needless to say, overseas brands that are entering China will definitely have to find their way around this App.



Official Account


The WeChat Official Account is a must-have for foreign businesses that are expanding in China. It provides client-centric communication streams for enhanced company-consumer connections by opening your brand's gateway to a growing Chinese market audience of over 1 billion. Depending on the type of business, brands can publish opinion-oriented articles, industry news, product information, events updates, among many others.


It is worthy to note that there are two types of Official Accounts, Subscription Account that includes one push per day, and Service Account that allows for four pushes per month with message notifications. The former is most suitable for content-based brands such as news media outlets and services companies, while the latter more “intrusive” type is more practical for customer service, e-commerce, fashion and B2B servicesrvice.




Mini Program


The Mini Program is WeChat's easier-to-use alternative to stand-alone apps, which allows you to avoid the tedious process of downloading and managing apps on a smartphone. For customers, Mini Programs are restricted in size to ensure they can load instantly even on a slower internet connection. No messy sign-up process, users can login with their WeChat account in just one click and for brands, it is quick to build and easy to share. This feature is especially helpful to brands in the retail industry since in the competitive world of e-commerce, the easy access of a Mini Program will provide a tidy and efficient purchase experience.





Mini Program



WeChat Channel


In an era flooded by short videos, WeChat's mother company Tencent hasn't missed their opportunity to be involved. WeChat Channel is an in-App short-video platform where content can be seen from more users than just those on your contact list. Similar to Mini Programs, you don't need to switch between Apps to access the content, with the biggest profiles coming from KOLs based on the platform. This powerful tool can drive engagement within the country's most popular digital communication ecosystem. Moreover, brands can link their WeChat article in the video description as a "package service”, creating a rich and far more engaging brand experience with tightly focused content.






Final Thoughts


In the eyes of marketers, these features highlight different aspects of the customer journey. Through these features, brands could easily connect with their customers and potential customers on a daily basis. Of course, the full spectrum of features and tools on the platform is yet to be explored by brands but starting with the aforementioned three will already push brands ahead of the pack.


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