Roses are red, Violets are blue. “520” means I Love You!



In China, every day could be a celebration as long as you have the right imagination. In fact, in May, there is a passionate festival that kicks off the upcoming hot summer, 520— the Chinese Valentine's Day for young Chinese netizens. The origin of the festival derives from the pronunciation of "520" sounding like "I love you" in Chinese, and it’s easy to see how it can become so popular on the Internet. For this special day, what gift would you give to your beloved?


In China, given the huge consumer market, how can brands miss this opportunity? Every year, 5/20 is transformed into a day when brands launch limited editions of products as well as discounts. At the beginning of May this year, some luxury brands have already started preempting for 520. To attract attention on this loving day, major brands focus a big part of their marketing efforts on their brand ambassadors. In this article, let us guide you through a few outstanding marketing cases for 520 in 2021.



纪梵希美妆Givenchy Cosmetics


During this year’s 520, the French high-end cosmetics brand Givenchy Cosmetics launched the "520 Gift Box": a combination set of products such as perfume and lipstick. In addition to the brand ambassador Cai Xukun, the online star with the biggest fan base in China in recent years, Givenchy also chose other talents to promote their 520 product. Together with them, Givenchy conveyed the theme of the "free expression of love", turning their products into expressions of love.






Cartier launched their Trinity 520 limited series products this year--necklaces and bracelets made of pink sapphires., Cartier chooses the shining dreamy pink gemstone to symbolize love. As a gift, theyreflecti sweet love while emitting light. In addition, the jewelry brand teamed up with three different stars, singer Jackson Wang, Gem Deng, and actor Liu Haocun for their 520 promotion. Through three different stars as well as different brand positioning, the brand's commitment to "love" is richly displayed for 520 on multiple levels. Even if you don’t have the finances to buy Cartier necklaces, the shared feeling among all is to be deeply attracted by the charm of this brand.

卡地亚在今年推出了Trinity520限定系列产品,由粉色蓝宝石打造的项链与手链。闪耀的梦幻粉色宝石象征着爱意,散发光芒的同时折射了甜蜜的爱意。除此之外,这个珠宝品牌联手了三位不同明星,歌手王嘉尔、邓紫棋以及演员刘浩存做520宣传。王嘉尔选择pasha de cartier系列腕表,以表达分秒不停的爱与思念。邓紫棋选择Clash de Catier系列首饰,表现无畏示爱。刘浩存选择520限定Trinity系列,表达爱意的承诺永恒。通过三位不同明星,不同定位,多层次丰富的展现了品牌在520对“爱”的承诺。即使你没有购买卡地亚项链的能力,但是你一定会被这个品牌的魅力深深吸引。



Roger Vivier罗杰维维亚


As a shoe brand loved by many women, the Roger Vivier brand teamed up with the ambassador actor Deng Lun to shoot a short film. The short film is shot from the first-person perspective of spending a romantic day with Deng Lun. The Broche Viver accessories, handbags, and crystal headbands of the brand's latest 2021 spring and summer collection are placed in the short film as gifts from Deng Lun, permeating a romantic atmosphere. This innovative format helps to narrow the distance between the brand and the audience.

作为一个受许多女性钟爱的鞋履品牌,Roger Vivier的品牌联手了代言人男演员邓伦,拍摄了一支短片。在短片内,观众以女友的视角与邓伦共度了浪漫的一日。品牌最新2021春夏系列的Broche Viver配饰、手包与水晶发箍作为邓伦送的礼物置于于短片中,弥漫着浪漫的氛围。这样的创新形式,给人眼前一亮的感觉,拉近了品牌与观众之间的距离。


As 520 is a localized festival in China, brands target the local market and differentiate from the February 14th Valentine's Day or the traditional Chinese lunar Valentine’s Day on the 7th of July. With the help of online celebrity endorsements, combined with limited edition products, brands attract huge consumption power. Moreover, this is also a good opportunity to build a brand image and brand awareness. On 520, creativity is more important than love.


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