Design Our Sustainable Future: IDI 2020 - Shanghai Edition




IDI Italian Design Icons 2020 – Shanghai Edition took place between November 20th-22nd at the Liang Project Gallery of the M50 area of Shanghai, successfully showcasing a series of esteemed designers, architects, CEOs and university professors discussing what a greener future might look like when combining style and sustainability made in Italy. The purpose of the event, which originated from an idea of DP Group and organized by Eastant Communication & Events, was to create a fully immersive experience through the exhibition, lectures, press conference and networking occasions among the Italian, Chinese and international communities. On Saturday, the 21st of November, the representatives of IDI 2020’s Brands outlined their vision on style and sustainability.

Consul General Mr. Michele Cecchi joined for the opening remarks, highlighting the importance for Italian companies to continue designing the tools for sustainable high-quality solutions for the future, may they be within the automotive, robotics or manufacturing industries.


Mr. Davide Bruschi, General Manager of Casappa, explained that they decided to showcase the Casappa Smart Power System during IDI 2020 not only as “it’s one of the most representative products of Casappa”, but also because “it’s the tangible result of Casappa’s main technology drivers of Digitalization and Energy-Saving”.


Mr. Gaetano Cantalupo, CEO of Comau China & Asean, pointed out how “Comau recognizes the importance of the product’s design not only in terms of aesthetics but also functionality”, as well as highlighting how Comau is getting increasingly closer to sustainability thanks to their environmental management system through which they aim to achieve zero pollution.


For Ducati, Mr. Fabrizio Cazzoli, Head of Ducati China, explained the choice of exhibiting their new Scrambler 1100 Pro and the Ducati approach to sustainability, which “starts from the beginning of the development phase, in the production and the final product itself”, and further enhanced by the fact that more than 90% of Ducati motorcycles are made of recyclable materials. 


Mr. Ermanno Vitali, General Manager of FAAM China, said that sustainability in the battery industry means higher and better efficiency of a battery system, he also pointed out the 3 main drivers in the industry, where the R&D and industrial design of FAAM product is highly involved, which is environmental, performance, and endurance.


iGuzzini Regional Director APAC, Mr. Luca Tarsetti, focused on the fact that iGuzzini’s design is a combination of design and application of innovative technologies, along with iGuzzini’s commitment to making a positive contribution by creating concrete, measurable and far reaching targets in terms of sustainability.


Mr. Lorenzo Maffioli, Managing Director of Itema, pointed out how “garments must be sustainable and comfortable, and of course, of high quality”. In order to achieve this, Itema is working together with their customers and the value chain to make not only their products but also their processes more sustainable “to promote the idea and the realization of a greener weaving and textile global industry”.


The Managing Director of Maserati China, Mr. Mirko Bordiga, explained that “Maserati is constantly pursuing the path of sustainable mobility” as highlighted by their development works on electrification as well as by their first hybrid model, New Ghibli, along with the new Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio, which will the Brand’s first line of cars to adopt 100% electric solutions.


Mr. Giuliano Menassi, CEO of Pirelli APAC, said that “Pirelli takes sustainability as one of its fundamental strategic development levers and it’s what Pirelli has been dedicated to with its tires throughout their lifecycle”. This is also reflected in Pirelli’s new Cinturato P7 which was showcased during IDI 2020, as the new innovative product launched in China this year.

倍耐力亚太区首席执行官梅纳西先生表示,倍耐力将可持续性作为其基本战略发展之一,倍耐力生产的轮胎在整个生命周期中也一直致力于实现这一目标,IDI 2020期间展出的新款Cinturato P7产品也很好地反映了这一点,这是今年在中国推出的一款创新产品。


Technogym’s Sales & Marketing Director-Consumer, Ms. Liyan Ye, explained how, although Covid-19 tremendously traumatized the world economy, Technogym still planned to launch a brand new product line to serve market needs. The reason why they joined IDI 2020 was “to demonstrate our support and to be among those who strive to contribute time and effort to advocate their grand vision and the value of design”.


For UFI Filters Group, Mr. Simone Trazzi, APAC COO, highlighted how one of the company’s mottos is “we are the producers of Filtering Technology for our planet”. UFI Filters has, in fact, been conscious of the environment through their products to eliminate pollution and harmful gases while being still innovators of cutting edge technology, as demonstrated by the fact that UFI supplies filters for many of the F1 teams.


The weekend concluded with the presentation of awards to our most prestigious icons, the awards represented both their impact on our audience throughout the event as well as their commitment to the topic of “Style & Sustainability”. The award for The Most Trending Brand was awarded to iGuzzini, who showcased their amazing lighting installation for the enjoyment of all attendees throughout the three day exhibition. The final award for The Most Influential Speaker went to Mr. Giuliano Menassi, CEO of Pirelli, reflecting his company's positive impact on the environment and sustainable business practice.