TOP 10 Trendy Words in the First Half of 2020!Ready to Catch Up on What You’ve Missed Out On?




Phrase: Ride the wind and waves

Source: A popular talent show named “Sisters Who Brave the Wind and Waves”

This reality show is currently one of the most popular shows in China, with a particular specialty as a "reverse age all-girl pop group talent show" as all contestants are female entertainers over 30, and most of them are already quite famous in their own area. Phrases like “ride the wind and waves”,” sisters” are becoming trendy again to praise and encourage women to pursue their dreams freely and realize their life value at any age.




Phrase: Mojito

Source: Jay Zhou’s new single

Jay Zhou finally released his new single Mojito after a 9 month hiatus, which occupied the major domestic music rankings and shows the continued influence of Jay. Thus, a great number of cover works, such as an anti-drug edition, a chengguan edition have emerged, leading a wave of mojito both online and offline.




Phrase: Stall Economy

Source: China’s new policy

The new policy was validated by the Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, during his recent visit to Yantai City, Shandong Province, where he referred to street stalls as “the glitter of the common being, the living soul of the Chinese economy”. Since then, many cities have been relaxing restrictions. We also previously drafted an article about stall economy with more details, you are more than welcome to read and discuss with us about this new phenomenon.




Phrase: Back rise (meaning young generation in Chinese)

Source: A speech posted on released this video on the May 4th Youth Day as a gift to the new generation. A speech, in the form of a letter from the older generation to the younger, showcases a hope to convey upward power and youthful attitude. Although it is called “back rise”, it still gained popularity among the middle-aged, even if some of the content in the speech also caused controversy. Many people think that the younger generation is not only enjoying their free life, but also struggling for life.




Phrase: Yellowish long skirt, fluffy hair

Source: Another popular talent show named “Youth With You 2”

A Chinese version of the Produce 101 TV Show in South Korea, Youth With You has definitely garnered a lot of attention, and “Yellowish long skirt, fluffy hair” is one of the most brainwashing lyrics to come from this talent show. Audiences generally refer to this way of rapping as ”reader” instead of “rapper” as the contestant is basically reading the lyrics and the results are quite funny.




Phrase: Circuit Breaker

Source: U.S. Stock markets in March / Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) Commands

Under the impact of COVID-19, the U.S. Stock market triggered 4 circuit breakers in March within two weeks, something which had previously only happened once in 1997, which was indeed a shock to the whole market. Another use of the term “circuit breaker” is related to the CAAC. On June 11th, 17 passengers on Flight CZ392 from Bangladesh Dhaka to Guangzhou were found to be positive for COVID-19, thus, The Civil Aviation Administration decided to take circuit breaker measures for the flight and since June 22th, the flight has been suspended for four weeks. This is the first "circuit breaker instruction" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration. 




Phrase: Selling goods through livestreaming

Source: A popular way to sell goods in modern China during COVID-19

Due to the inability of shopping in physical stores during COVID-19, online shopping has become the best choice, thus, the livestreaming business has also been vigorously promoted. As during a livestream, brands or KOLs may issue coupons for products, people are more likely to buy products during a livestream, which makes it even more popular. We have also discussed livestreaming in the previous article, you are very welcome to read more.




Phrase: Online class

Source: All kinds of activities happen “on the cloud” during COVID-19

Since students cannot go back to school during COVID-19, online classes have not only become necessary, but popular! Some students in the same class are in different locations and time zones, and ridiculousness has ensued in situations in which students can’t return to attend their graduation ceremony, leading to schools using photoshop to paste their photos to make a fake graduation photo.





Phrase: Ao Li Gei (means awesome)

Source: A funny video on Kuaishou that inspires people

Ao Li Gei Pronounced as the opposite of 给力嗷 (Gei Li Ao), a popular word to inspire people in 2019, which sounds even more powerful. It first appeared in the short video app Kuaishou, and has gained more popularity as it sounds more funny and clumsy.




Phrase: AO3 (

Source: Battle between fan culture and collaborative content creation is a famous website that allows creators from all around the world to post collaborative content of super stars, movies, novels and so on, but it is still very much a niche website. In February, a fan of famous Chinese actor Sean Xiao updated a controversial collaborative novel about him, which caused the dissatisfaction of other fans, the website started to get more attention and visits, which lead to the website being blocked. Since then, a 4-month long argument between AO3 users and Sean’s fans has raged on, which has lead to a discussion of whether a celebrity should be responsible for the actions of their fans.