How to choose a Weibo KOL?


How to choose a Weibo KOL?


As we all know, one of the most successful marketing tools is advertising, hence why choosing the right platform and KOLs is essential to improve on your Return On Investment (ROI).


In terms of the number of active users and overall influence, in the past 10 years, Weibo has gradually become one of the platforms with a large amount of exposure traffic in the domestic new media industry. According to the report released by Weibo itself, by the end of 2019 the monthly active users of Weibo has reached 516 million. At the same time, the strong social attributes of Weibo makes it an important platform for hot topics and brand exposure, which also makes it an important platform for the advertising of brands.



One of the most popular ways to advertise on Weibo is by partnering with a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). However, in order to run a successful campaign, the first step is to understand how to choose a suitable KOL to help promote your brand.



Identify Your Brand Needs


Usually, companies run promotional campaigns on Weibo to improve brand awareness and brand popularity through exposure, as well as to generate leads which will (hopefully) translate into sales.



If you have new products to promote, finding some celebrities or leading KOLs to cooperate with can potentially be a good choice, in order to use their popularity and fan base to directly increase sales, but costs will be a significant factor.


If you are advertising only to achieve greater exposure, whilst keeping your budget under control, you may choose less popular and more niche-oriented KOLs to better target a specific audience.


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Preliminary Listing of KOLs


Generally speaking, high-performing KOLs can be preliminarily selected by the ranking list available based on a variety of different indicators, such as influence ranking, video playback ranking, etc. On this basis, we can also refer to the KOL list previously selected by a competitor brand while, of course, making sure to avoid advertising similar products at the same time with the same KOL. Another option could be to look for KOLs that promote related but not necessarily competitive products, (e.g.) toothbrush and toothpaste.




Screen KOL List


On the basis of defining the brand image and audience, we can match KOLs and our own brand by analyzing the fanbase supporting them, which is mainly based on the number of active fans, age group, gender ratio, regional distribution and other elements. In addition, we can estimate whether the content is in high quality and whether their fans have strong loyalty according to their daily posts.




Estimate the Authenticity of Data


Because data can bring a great deal of benefits to KOLs, the possibility of partial falsification of data is also a factor to take into consideration. We can effectively estimate whether the data of a KOL is true and reliable through Weibo data monitoring, the proportion of likes and comments, interactions, and the' increasing trend of fans, to name a few.


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