Earth Day: Top 5 Apps To Save The Planet



Today more than 190 countries around the world celebrate Earth Day annually, the international day dedicated to renewing attention and commitment to continuously improving our efforts to safeguard our beloved planet and its natural resources.


On its 50th anniversary, climate change has been chosen as the global theme and it will be marked with the very first global digital mobilization ever launched for Earth Day. 



In today’s digital world, a green app could be the first step in turning your good intentions into eco-friendly actions. The EASTANT team has collected our favorite top 5 environment-friendly apps that you can start using from today. 

在当今的数字世界中,绿色应用程序可能是将您的良好意愿转变为环保行动的第一步。 EASTANT团队已经收集了我们最喜欢的5个最环保的应用程序,您可以从今天开始使用它们。




ECOSIA is a search engine that uses profits from internet searches to plant trees in places that need them most. They publish their monthly financial reports to show exactly where the income from searches goes, and so far, they have managed to plant over 90 million trees!

ECOSIA是一个搜索引擎,利用互联网搜索的收益在最需要树木的地方种植树木。 他们发布了每月财务报告,以确切显示搜索收入的去向,到目前为止,他们已经成功种植了9000万棵树!



NOWASTE is a food inventory app where you can easily track, organize and manage the food in your fridge. You can check what food you have left, see what food you need to use first, plan your meals and create a shopping list, all to avoid unnecessary purchases while reducing food waste

NOWASTE是一款食物清单应用程序,您可以在其中轻松跟踪,整理和管理冰箱中的食物。 您可以检查剩下的食物,先查看需要使用的食物,计划饮食并创建购物清单,所有这些都可以避免不必要的购买,同时减少食物浪费



This travel booking website helps offset the carbon footprint created by your trip – all at no extra cost to you. Through a partnership with Expedia, TripZero has access to millions of hotels rooms around the world at guaranteed low prices, so when you book your trip through the website, a portion of that money goes toward buying carbon offsets by funding projects such as reforestation in Kenya or wind turbines in Indiana. 

这个旅行预订网站可帮助抵消您旅行中产生的碳足迹——所有这些都无需您额外付费。 通过与Expedia的合作,TripZero可以以保证的低价访问全球数百万个酒店客房,因此,当您通过网站预订旅行时,其中一部分资金将用于资助碳补偿项目,例如资助肯尼亚的植树造林 或印第安纳州的风力涡轮机。



FILL IT FORWARD is an app where you can track every time you opt for a reusable cup, mug or bottle, and it will tell you how much waste and emissions you have helped to prevent. At the same time, you can easily fund water-based projects around the world and get updated on the latest developments. 

FILL IT FORWARD是一款应用程序,您可以在每次选择可重复使用的杯子,杯子或瓶子时进行跟踪,它会告诉您已帮助防止了多少浪费和排放。 同时,您可以轻松地为全球的水基项目提供资金,并获得最新动态。



JOULEBUG is the easy way to make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play. This app organizes sustainability tips into Actions that you Buzz in the app when you do them in real-life. It also allows you to join the local community for the latest sustainable news and get access to local challenges. 

JOULEBUG是使您的日常习惯在家庭,工作和娱乐中更可持续发展的简单方法。 该应用程序将可持续发展技巧组织为您在现实生活中在应用中嗡嗡作响的操作中。 它还使您可以加入本地社区获取最新的可持续新闻,并获得应对本地挑战的机会。

In the end, “going green” is about individuals taking responsibility for the impact that their actions have on our planet, with just a few simple actions, each one of us can make a big difference towards the protection of the environment.


At the same time, companies can also play a key role in promoting sustainable practices. Interestingly, companies that are seen as being environmentally sensitive tend to create a vision of care. This is because not only do green initiatives save on costs, reuse resources and meet compliancy requirements, but they also help to create brand recognition among customers. 

同时,公司还可以在促进可持续发展实践中发挥关键作用。 有趣的是,被视为对环境敏感的公司往往会创造出一种护理的愿景。 这是因为绿色倡议不仅可以节省成本,重复使用资源并满足合规性要求,而且还有助于在客户中建立品牌知名度。


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