Tik Tok: Are Short Videos The Future of Marketing?

As short videos become increasingly popular, the content of various Chinese short video applications has significantly increased. It has become widely known that 2020 will be the year of short videos, but with so many Chinese short video applications to choose from, how should brands use these platforms to promote their products? Will they find their audience on Tik Tok, Kuaishou or Xigua? Which ones are best for online marketing? Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these emerging Chinese short video applications, starting from the Tik Tok app.

随着短视频越来越流行,各种中国短视频应用的内容都有所增长。每个人都将2020年定为短片之年,但由于有这么多中国短片应用可供选择,品牌应如何使用短视频来推广其产品? 他们会在抖音或快手,西瓜找到观众吗?哪些平台最适合线上营销?我们来分析一下这些新兴的中国短视频应用程序的优缺点,首先我们从抖音说起

The user base leans heavily towards young people, mostly women. The highest quantity of users falls into the 20-24 age group (around a third), followed by 25-29, accounting for a little over a quarter.

 用户群主要是年轻人,大多数是相对富裕的女性。 用户的最高优势属于20-24岁年龄段(约三分之一),其次是25-29岁年龄段,占四分之一多一点。

Music-inspired videos remain the main content on Tik Tok, even though the content has evolved quite a bit in 2019. It’s not uncommon to find videos under five minutes with robust narratives. According to an official announcement from the platform at this year’s Tik Tok Creators Conference, the most popular content area features vloggers talking about their day-to-day lives. This type of content accounts for up to 21% of all content on the platform. Tik Tok’s audience is very open to commercial content, and over 40% of female users don’t mind product placement when watching a tutorial video.


Tik Tok is popular with big-name brands such as Adidas, Michael Kors, Hai di lao hotpot and many more.

 抖音流行于很多大品牌如Adidas, Michael Kors, 海底捞火锅等等。

In addition to Tik Tok’s native e-commerce platform, videos can link directly to e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD and more.


Short videos could become increasingly rarer, as Tik Tok has been beta testing the maximum length of videos on the platform to extend to as much as 15 minutes. Tik Tok is also currently testing the image recognition function to find similar video content and products by capturing key frames.


The comments section on Tik Tok is sometimes more interesting than the videos themselves. Brands should not overlook or underestimate the potential marketing power of the comments section.


On the Tik Tok app, the user's personal identity is not protected. By uploading videos online, children put themselves at risk of being harassed. Although Tik Tok has improved their privacy settings, many people still worry that personal videos may be used for illegal purposes.


Running product promotions with Tik Tok KOLs is a good way of generating interest and excitement among users. Product promotions on Tik Tok will typically prompt consumers to visit other platforms like Red book to read reviews about the product, or to check out prices on Taobao before buying, so the path from promotion to conversion can be relatively long.

使用抖音 KOL进行产品促销是一种引起用户兴趣和兴奋的好方法。在抖音上进行产品促销通常会提示消费者访问小红书等其他平台,以阅读有关该产品的评论,或者购买前在淘宝上查看价格,因此从促销到转换的路径可能会比较长。

According to data from App Growing, the volume of advertisements on Tik Tok relating to gaming, culture, and entertainment declined gradually from Q1 to Q4 of 2019. However, the same period saw increases in advertisements for skincare products, beauty, apparel, shoes, and bags. Keep in mind that Tik Tok is usually just a touch point in the buyer's journey, and it helps to generate consumer shopping awareness.

根据App Growing的数据,从2019年第一季度到第四季度,与游戏,文化和娱乐有关的抖音广告量逐渐下降。但同期,护肤品,美容,服装,鞋包类广告量有所增长。 记住,抖音通常只是购买者旅程中的一个接触点,它有助于消费者购物意识的产生。

In the next article, we will present insights on another two popular Chinese apps for short videos, namely Kuaishou and Xigua. For more information on how to best take advantage of Chinese apps for marketing purposes, the Eastant team is here to assist you and your company.


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